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A place to meet others and have an enjoyable lunch in a safe place

As a trusted charitable organisation founded in 1968, we operate from our freehold premises in Alton. We serve lunch each weekday to our members in a warm and friendly setting.

We employ a manager and two part-time cooks as well as having a group of volunteers who work at the club to assist our members.  The trust has four trustees chaired by Terry Blake who meet regularly to ensure the smooth operation of the lunch club.

The two key people in the history of the trust were Cecil Vokes and Phyllis Collen. Cecil Vokes was a successful businessman who founded the Vokes filtration company in 1921 which was for many years based at Henley Park, Normandy, near Woking. He later opened a smaller factory in Alton. Cecil Vokes lived at Upper Neatham Mill Farm, Alton together with Miss Collen.  It is due to their generosity that the lunch club exists today to provide a safe place for the elderly people of Alton to meet and enjoy companionship.

Want to help? Contact us to see what you can do as a volunteer to support our charity. Typically volunteering involves up to 3 hours in the morning on one or more days a week, serving teas and coffees to members on arrival, helping in the kitchen and serving meals. 

Our Christmas party
Mr Cecil Vokes (our benefactor)
Members chatting after lunch
The Vokes factory
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